Read this safety information before using your product. These are minimal precautions for safe usage of your product, however all other sensible safety precautions which are not mentioned here must be taken into account as well.



Only use this device as indicated in the user's guide.

The device is intended for home use, except when otherwise indicated.

Do not open (except the accessories) or repair this device.

Do not use the device in a damp environment.

Clean the device with a dry cloth.

Keep the device and all loose parts away from children, pets and unauthorized persons.

Don't sharply bend, cut, extend, knot, step on or use the (power) cables in any way other than mentioned in the user's guide.

Don't use the device in any way other than mentioned in the user's guide.

Keep the device away from heat.

Keep the device away from water.

When disconnecting (power) cables, don't pull on the cord but on the plug.

If a device is damaged in any way, stop using it immediately.

If a device gets too hot, stop using it immediately.


Battery operated products

Don't open batteries, overheat them or put them in fire.

Don't mix new and old batteries or batteries of different types.

If batteries are leaking, don't touch the batteries or fluids.

Observe local regulations when disposing of batteries.


Wireless devices

Reduced wireless performance can be caused by:

Metal objects close to or between the receiver and transmitter

Empty batteries

Other wireless devices close by

The reception is limited when the signal must pass through concrete walls and floors.

There is no guarantee that RF interference won't occur in a particular situation.

Be careful when using wireless devices if you have a pacemaker or are dependent on other life-saving, sensitive electronic equipment, because the device transmits radio signals.


Power adapters

To ensure the best connection and prevent overheating of the tip:

Always use the recommended tip from the compatibility list on